3 Ways To Repair Your Vehicle's Minor Hail Damage

Hailstorms can wreak havoc when they strike. Since there is very little time to prepare before a hailstorm hits, the potential for hailstorm damage to a vehicle not parked under a protective covering is significant. If a recent hailstorm has left your vehicle with some indentations, there are some simple ways you can attempt to repair this minor damage.

1. Harness the heat of the sun.

If the dents in your car are fairly small and shallow, you may be able to harness the heat of the sun to help you repair your vehicle's damaged exterior. When exposed to direct sunlight, the metal pieces that make up your vehicle's exterior begin to expand.

This expansion will cause small, shallow hail dents to pop back out, making the surface of your vehicle smooth once again. All you need to do to utilize this repair technique is park your car in an area where it will be exposed to direct sunlight for several hours.

2. Use a hairdryer.

One tool commonly found in bathrooms across the country can be beneficial in helping you remove minor hail dents from the exterior surface of your vehicle. This tool is the hairdryer.

If you live in an area without enough direct sunlight to harness the heat of the sun to pop hail dents out, you can use the heat generated by a hair dryer instead. Set your hairdryer to medium, then hold it about 5 to 7 inches away from the surface of the dent to avoid discoloring the paint.

After one or two minutes of direct heat, cool the area by spraying it with compressed air. Repeat this process until the dent pops out and the exterior surface of your vehicle is smooth once again.

3. Use a plunger.

Using a toilet plunger could be a simple way to pull out small, shallow dents left on the surface of your vehicle during a hailstorm. Start by placing the cup of the plunger over the dent.

Press down firmly to create a tight seal, but not so firmly that you risk denting your vehicle further. Gently tug on the plunger to create a pulling motion, and listen for the dent to pop out.

Finding that your vehicle has been dented during a hailstorm can be disheartening. Try using the natural heat of the sun, the artificial heat of a hairdryer, or the suctioning action of a plunger to remove small, shallow dents in the future.