Things That Go Clunk When You Drive: 3 Signs You Might Have Transmission Troubles

Your car operates by numerous intricate systems working together – much like the human body. The transmission is one of those systems. When the transmission has problems, your entire car can suffer. Unfortunately, trying to figure out what's wrong with your transmission can be a difficult task, especially if you're not familiar with automotive repair. In most cases, your car will provide you with plenty of clues designed to tell you what the problem is. However, to the untrained eye – or ear – the symptoms may seem like just a bunch of drips, drops and odd sounds. If you're noticing that your transmission seems off, here are three signs that you should look out for.

Messy Drips and Drops

If you think your transmission is having problems, take a look at your driveway. That's one of the first places you might find signs of transmission troubles. Transmission fluid is held inside the transmission, which is a contained unit. If you're losing fluid, it means there's a leak in the system. Even a small amount of lost fluid can cause your transmission to fail you. If you do find drips or drops on your driveway, take a look at the color. If it's bright red, you'll need to have your transmission serviced.

Unusual Noises

If you've had your car long enough, you probably know just about every sound that it makes. When your transmission is having problems, it will start making unusual noises. Some of those noises include humming, whining, and an occasional clunk. Pay attention to the sounds your car makes, especially when you're about to change gears – even with an automatic transmission. If you start hearing unusual noises coming from under your car, you should have it looked at.

Slow Response Time

If your car has an automatic transmission, it will change gears on its own. If you're noticing a slow response time between when the gears should shift – and when they actually do – your transmission is probably experiencing some mechanical difficulties. This is particularly true if the delayed response time is met with an abrupt jerking motion once your car finally does switch gears.

If the transmission in your car is having problems, you need to have them taken care of, especially if you're noticing any of the signs listed above. To prevent breakdowns, you should talk to your mechanic about proper transmission maintenance. Contact a business, such as Shiftright Transmissions for more information.