Having Your Vehicle Towed When You Have A Pet With You: What You Need To Do

Traveling with your pet may be fun and a great way to bond with your furry friend, but when you break down on the road in the middle of nowhere, your adventure can turn into a potentially frustrating situation fairly quickly. While you may have no issue catching a ride when your vehicle is being towed, your pet may not fair so well. When you are being towed and you have your pet with you, you need to take some extra measures to ensure everyone gets to their final destination safely. Here are two things you need to do if you break down and have to be towed with your pet.

Let your insurance/towing company know you have a pet with you

When you make the call for roadside assistance, you need to let your insurance agent or the towing company know that you have a pet with you. You will want to let them know what kind of pet you have so they can make accommodations for your pet's needs. If talking to the insurance company about your pet, you may want to also call the towing company they will send out to make sure they are aware you have a pet who will be traveling with you when your vehicle gets towed. Many towing companies are willing to allow you to bring your pet with you with you when you get towed into town, or can recommend a towing company who will offer this service if it is something they do not provide.

Restrain your pet as best you can

Prepare a leash, pet carrier, harness, or even a rope to secure your pet while traveling. You are solely responsible for your pet's actions, and the tow truck driver by law does not have to allow your animal into their vehicle, especially if they feel your pet is being threatening. If you have no way of restraining your pet or the tow truck driver will not allow your animal to board with you, contact the nearest police department or animal control department for further assistance in getting your pet off the road and back home. Authorities in nearby towns can send out someone to relocate your pet for you at your expense if there are no other options.

Remember, when you are traveling with your pet you should always carry with you an emergency supply of food, water, a carrier, leash, and the number to your veterinarian in case you break down or something else happens when you are on the road. This way, you are prepared for any kind of emergency, including if you need to be towed.