Hitching Tips For New Fifth Wheel Owners

If you just closed the sale on that first fifth wheel, you might be eager to take it out for its first trip. When you attach a fifth wheel to your truck, you need to be sure that the hitch is securely attached. The last thing you want is for the trailer to come loose on the road. Here are a few tips to help you do just that so that you can get the most from your fifth-wheel investment.

Make sure that the emergency brake cable is properly secured. That cable will ensure that the trailer stops safely if it should come loose from the hitch. While the goal is to keep it on the hitch at all times, accidents can happen and a fail-safe like this is important to capitalize on.

Test the hitch before you roll out. Before raising the front jacks, you need to be sure that the trailer is as secure as possible. Roll the truck forward just a little bit until it pulls on the trailer a little. That shifts the hitch connection a little bit to lock the hitch jaws securely in place. You don't want to skip this step, because the trailer will fall if you raise those jacks without securing it first. The weight of the trailer falling can actually cause damage to the truck bed and the trailer.

Always place wheel chocks when you park. The wheel chocks play a key role in keeping the fifth wheel secure when you park. Even if you think the area where you parked is level, there might be a slight incline that you cannot see just by looking at it.

Establish a routine for hitching your trailer. When you have a routine that you follow every time you hitch the trailer, you're much less likely to miss a step. You might even find that having someone else go through the whole thing when you're done can be helpful, too. After all, an extra set of eyes can be helpful for spotting smaller oversights. While you might not need to have someone double-check it every time, it can certainly be helpful for you during the first few times that you take the trailer out.

Investing in that first fifth wheel is exciting and opens up a lot of possibilities, but only when you know how to keep it secure on the road and off. With these tips, you'll be better prepared to hitch your trailer securely before you head out for that first camping trip. If you're still looking for the perfect fifth wheel, contact a company like Brad's Trailer Supply for more information.