5 Simple Outdoor Crafts That Reuse Your Old Car Tires

When you replace your tires, the tire shop will usually handle the disposal of the old tires as a courtesy. However, old tires can be an asset for crafty individuals seeking building materials for projects. The following 5 crafts turn your old tires into functional outdoor items. With the right tools, these projects can all be completed in an hour or less.

1. Umbrella Holder

You'll need two tires for this project. Lay one tire flat on the ground to create a base then position the second tire so that it's standing up inside the first tire. Bolt the two tires together. Finally, puncture the top of the second tire with four holes, evenly spaced, along the top. Make each hole wide enough to hold a closed umbrella. When inserting umbrellas into the tire holder, place the umbrellas so that their points come to rest inside the second tire. Leave this umbrella holder on your porch for guests to put their umbrellas away just before stepping in your home.

2. Garden Hose Container

Use a saw to cut a tire in half laterally, so that the tire retains its round shape and the inside of the tire is exposed. Each half of the tire can be made into a separate garden hose container. Lay the hose containers on their sides so that the open end of the tires are facing upward. If desired, paint the exterior and interior of the tires with exterior grade oil paint and allow the paint to dry. The paint can be considered fully dry when it is no longer tacky to the touch. Coil a garden hose inside each tire so that the hose is completely contained inside the container.

3. Kid Climber

Used tires make a great jungle gym where kids can play. Stack up several tires into a small climbing mound until they are in a configuration that pleases you. Bolt the tires together so the configuration retains its shape even when kids climb on the tires. Remember to position the bolts so your children won't step on them when they climb. Finally, paint the tires different colors to make the configuration more cheerful.

4. Patio Table

Stack two tires on their sides, then bolt them together to form the base of a table. Paint the tires a color that matches your patio furniture, then lay a round flat surface (like a piece of table glass) on top to form a table top. For security, use a little exterior grade putty or glue to keep the table top attached to the base.

5. Wall Planter

Paint a tire, then hang the tire on the exterior wall of your garage or shed. Finally, plant trailing flowers inside the tire. Voila!

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