How To Decrease Liability For Yourself And Your Car Repair Shop

If your mechanic is backed up on completing orders or you are unable to get your car to the mechanics shop until late, your car may need to stay at the shop overnight. If you do wind up needing to leave your car with the mechanic overnight, understand that there are some extra precautions that you should take. Decreasing the possibility that your car will be damaged or that you will have to pay out of pocket for damages that happen to your car overnight should be the goal. Here are some things to do to prepare your car for an overnight visit to the car repair shop.

Insist on parking inside of the shop

One of the best ways to protect your vehicle from theft or damage by individuals who come on the property at night is to leave your vehicle on the interior of the shop. If you are in a covered space or the inner shop itself, your car is less likely to be hit by other drivers or be vandalized. Ask your mechanic to make space for your car in the shop. 

Remove all car accessories

If you have aftermarket accessories that can be removed from your vehicle, these should be removed from the car in the event of possible vandalization. Your car insurance many not cover certain aftermarket parts, and they may also be attractive to thieves in particular. Items such as aftermarket rims, large grills on the front of vehicles, and detachable backup cameras should be taken off prior to going to the shop overnight. These items can be easily removed and may attract thieves to your vehicle first.

Clear the interior

A messy interior is not only unsightly, but it can also mean that people begin to poke around the vehicle to see what you have. It is common for people to leave shopping bags, gym bags, and shoes inside of their car. These things are also a paradise for thieves. Clear all of the items out of your vehicle. Though you may be tempted to just slide them out of view, it is still possible to see items that are underneath car seats. 

Leave necessary instructions

If your car has individualized problems, such as a sticking pedal, a steering wheel that tends to drift to one side, or other special issues, warn your mechanic in person and on paper before you leave your vehicle. This will stop any possible accidents due to the mechanic not being aware. This may also give your mechanic an idea of what is going on under the hood that may need to be repaired. 

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