Know These 2 Things About Repairing Auto Body Damage With Insurance

The damage from a car accident can be completely cosmetic or essential to getting your car up and running again. In either situation, you'll want to make sure that the damage is repaired quickly and properly. Before taking your car to a local auto body repair shop, there are a couple things you'll need to know to help ensure your car is repaired successfully in the manner that you like it.

Insurance Companies Can't Make Decisions About Every Repair Performed

A misconception about using your car insurance to make auto body repairs is that your insurance company will be making all of the final decisions. The truth is that it is up to you to make many of the decisions about what is repaired.

You can have insurance cover just the bare minimum to get your car on the road again. For example, if your car is run down and on its last legs, you can decide to just have the essential elements fixed, such as broken tail lights, glass, and side mirrors. You can also decide to not have repairs made at all, and use money you receive from your insurance to go towards buying another car.

You can also pay out of pocket for additional repairs that you have been wanting to get fixed, and help use the insurance money to lower those costs by getting more work done at once. If your car needs to be fixed because it was hit on the passenger's side, you may also be looking to fix an existing scratch that was on the driver's side as well. While insurance will cover the repairs directly caused from the accident, it will be cheaper to have the auto body shop also repair other damage to your paint job at the same time, as opposed to having it done later.

You Can Select Any Body Shop You Want

Your insurance may suggest that you go to a specific body shop to have the work performed. You do not have to go to their recommended body shop if you do not want to. Take your car to a body shop that you feel comfortable working with since it is your car that is being repaired. You may even be able to get a better deal by seeking out a body shop that is willing to bargain with you, which could save money on additional repairs you want to have done.

Before you decide on a body shop to use, shop around by getting quotes at local body shops in your area, such as Auto Body By Duie LLC. It will help you narrow down your selection on which one to go to.